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About Functional Medicine

A science-based, science-focused approach to health.

Functional Medicine aims to restore optimal health by identifying and addressing the root causes of illness, rather than a focus on symptoms.

The focus of Functional Medicine includes:

  • The underlying factors of disease

  • Prevention

  • Individual optimal health

​ The approach is holistic, recognising the dynamic balance between the interconnected bodily systems, and the biochemical individuality of each person.


One condition ... Many causes. One cause ... Many conditions.

A disease may have multiple causes. ​ Depression, for example, may have many causes, inflammation being one.

Inflammation can be triggered by factors such as hypothyroidism or deficiency of omega-3 or vitamin D, among many others.

Meanwhile, one cause may trigger many conditions.

Inflammation may lead to various diseases, one of which is depression.

​ How these factors will affect an individual depends on genetics, environment, health history, diet and lifestyle. By targeting the underlying causes, a nutritional intervention aims to achieve more than just suppressing symptoms.

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