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A choice of three programmes
to fit your needs

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For a personalised approach with minimal time & cost.

Includes a personalised Health Assessment & Strategy to identify risks and interventions tailored to you.


An initial consultation gets you going. And one month later, a follow-up consultation assesses your progress and sets you confidently on your way.

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For monitoring, support & adaptation of your Strategy over three months.

All the benefits of the Kick Start, but with five follow-up consultations - for biweekly support over three months.

Based on experience, this plan is ideally suited to fine-tuning your Health Strategy with the evolution of your progress & health status. 

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For maximum support, to put all hands on deck towards your health goals.

You get all the benefits of the Essential Plan, plus ongoing support whenever you need it over three months.

This plan helps keep you on track. We address challenges and questions as they arise, to conquer your goals and supercharge your health outcomes.

Consultations are done via Zoom or face-to-face in Vessy.

My experience is that clients benefit most from extended support over a period of time - ideally three months.

This provides a realistic timeframe - to identify the underlying drivers of your symptoms; to develop, implement and adapt your Health Strategy; to monitor your progress and symptoms; and to establish healthy, sustainable habits.


Initial Consultation

90 minutes, including an intake of your health history, current health and dietary trends, expanding on a Health Questionnaire completed before the session. We will identify your health goals and priorities and set a realistic timeline. Lab testing may be suggested to help direct targeted interventions. 

Follow-up Consultations

60 minutes, designed to fine-tune and monitor your Health Strategy based on the evolution of your health status, progress, constraints and goals.

Includes health coaching to support healthy habits.

Regular Check-ins

This benefit is featured in the Premium programme:

A quick call or text exchange in-between consultations. We address your questions & challenges as they arise, 

motivation as you need it, to keep you right on track. 

Health Coaching

As a certified NLP coach, I help you to put healthy habits into practice. Coaching can be useful to identify and overcome barriers to change. This approach can make all the difference in sustaining change over time.

I can help determine which biomarkers are relevant for your health concerns and order the tests you need. This valuable information informs your personalised Health Strategy. See the page on Lab Testing for details of tests often used to support menopause and mental health.

Health Assessment

Examines the underlying mechanisms and mapping of bodily systems involved in your specific health issues based on information provided by you and the best evidence available. This detailed report identifies potential health risks and underlying drivers, and suggests personalised interventions.

Health Strategy

Including food, supplements (if appropriate) and lifestyle recommendations. This strategy is tailored to you, based on your health challenges and history, lab results (if applicable), objectives and constraints.

Progress Reports

Each consultation will be followed by a report documenting what was discussed, along with recommendations and research relevant to you.

You will also receive a Meal Plan and a Supplement Plan (if applicable), updated for each session, and recipes.


My research and education on topics relevant to your health challenges and goals. This supports your progress by describing the mechanisms and evidence underpinning your health concerns & our proposed strategies.

Holistic Support

Navigating the landscape of health & wellbeing can be overwhelming. My approach considers the vast interconnection between your brain and body parts and all its systems. I'll help you to connect the dots and support your physical and mental health holistically.

Please note:​ The information provided is for educational purposes and should not replace medical advice. Nutritional therapy is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. Always consult a doctor or other medical practitioner before implementing any changes. If you are on prescription medication, you should check with your GP before commencing any supplement programme, or dietary changes as these may be contraindicated with some medications.

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